ExecutiveFit CNC Services

At ExecutiveFit we offer B2B services to help bring your fitness products to the next level. Whether that be cutting specifically sized HDPE plastics for your squat racks’ J-Cups, Spotter Arms or Storage Racks or cutting out rack headers to fit your squat racks with standard or personalized logo’s/sayings.

We can help create vector files or use your company supplied vector drawings. Please submit a form below to request a quote on the product or service you are interested in and one of us will reach out to you within 24 hours.

  • Squat Rack Plastics (HDPE/ UHMW)

    Including Spotter arms, Drop in Safeties, J-Cups & Storage rack plastics

  • Customized Rack Plastics

    Including Engraving Logo’s

  • Rack Headers

    Color Core HDPE

  • Vector Development

  • Creation for Custom Plastics

  • Customized and/or Bulk orders