About Us


How it got started

I actually began this journey with ExecutiveFit as a personal trainer. I spent 4 years building my home gym and training clients from there. Eventually I was looking to add a custom deadlift platform, but everywhere I looked companies were either too busy to bother with the little guy who just wants one or their design was so simple I felt like I could build one myself with similar quality. Unknowingly, that was the start of how I was going to pivot from personal training into building deadlift platforms.

The Mission

After building my first platform it gave me quite a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, feelings I was looking for out of personal training and failing to find. I decided to see if I could start selling platforms on Facebook marketplace. I made 1 listing and it kept me much busier than expected!

Eventually I had to fully let go of all clients to focus on building platforms. The fulfillment and enjoyment I felt was way overpowering than that from personal training.

The first platforms were simple. I would get the person's logo printed on a vinyl decal, apply it to the wood insert and clear over it. This was cool and fun for me, but I wanted to stand out. I knew other companies were doing that exact same thing, so I started brainstorming on how to add logo's to platforms BETTER. This brought me into the CNC world.

The Vision

With the addition of a CNC machine (basically a computerized router), I was able to carve logo's directly into the wood inserts of platforms making it physically impossible for the logo to peel up, a common problem with using vinyl decals.

Eventually as my skills and knowledge around CNC machining grew, the logos also got more and more intricate. I began filling carved portions with colored epoxy to create incredibly vibrant epoxy versions of logos. This brought a whole new level to the platform game. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company offering a guarantee that your logo will never peel up from foot traffic, no matter the length of time.

Products we make

We can do any size deadlift platform ranging from 4x8 to 20x20. Our most popular product is the 4x8 platform with rack extension. Each extension is customized to your specific rack's width and depth. We also create customized barbell storage solutions and gym signage for indoor and outdoor use.